Adolescent Gynecology

Adolescent Gynecology :- Every teenager mother's question: When to see a gynecologist?

A common Adolescent question: When to see a gynecologist??

There is a beautiful saying that. “A mother is daughter’s best friend” supported by Terry Guillemet’s quote “ I love my mother as trees loves water and sunshine. She helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights” a growing daughter is a joy for mother’s eyes while in the back of the mind there are several other questions processing thru a mother’s mind. One common question that all mother’s have is when to have the gynecological examination started? The answer to this question is as simple as, when the need arises. Below are several reasons when an adolescent should see a gynecologist.

    • Failure to menstruate by age of 15
    • Absence In height growth, breast development and sexual hair development by 14 years of age
    • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
    • Heavy or scanty menstrual bleeding
    • Pelvic pain not responding to pain killers
    • HPV vaccination counseling

If none of the above reasons prevail then an introductory visit to the gynecologist may be wise between the ages of 17 and 19, possibly coinciding with entry into college. Although Pap smear testing is typically not recommended before getting sexually active.

A physical examination to confirm normal anatomy may be appropriate, along with a discussion about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases. A pelvic exam isn’t always needed at the initial visit, but just the opportunity to ask questions may be extremely valuable to the patient to help develop a comfortable relationship with a doctor that she can call on when in need.